Salesman, Agents and Consultants Policy

By for and on behalf of the

Timeshare Consumer Association TCA

Part 2


Statement of Policy

The Company must comply with the following general principles when appointing selling agents and consultants.

General Principles

1. Properly documented due diligence must be undertaken (e.g. obtaining appropriate and satisfactory references) prior to any commitment being entered into with a prospective salesman.

2. There must be a written contractual agreement setting out all the terms which must be available for audit if necessary.

3. The commissions paid and/or fees proffered to a salesman must be reasonable proportionate and further in the context of the products involved and the services to be rendered.

4. The appointments, terms and conditions, employee contracts and contractual arrangements the company has with the salesman and/or consultant must be legal constituted and governed by the laws of the country those salesmen/agents are domiciled in.

5. There must be clear provisions governing the period of the contract, its termination and the respective parties’ rights on termination, dismissal and resignation.

6. The contract must also require the sales agent/consultant to comply fully with the Ethical Standards Policy, failing which the company can terminate the contract.

7. No payments may be made other than in accordance with the contract.

8. No payments may be made in cash.

9. Properly documented and appropriately detailed financial records should be maintained for all transactions with the salesman or selling agent.

10. Before contracting or employing a salesman, agent or consultant, the company will take appropriate steps in order to eliminate risks of corruption, including: making them aware of the companies Ethical Standards Policy

• ensuring that external sales agents and consultants have anti- corruption policies and procedures in place, and requiring them to ensure that their sub contractors comply with similar policies and procedures.


Each member of the Executive Committee, employee workshop or company is responsible for ensuring that this Policy is adhered to in his or her area of responsibility, that appropriate procedures are in place for ensuring that it is complied with and for making an annual report to an external body containing full honest and accountable information including compliances and non compliances.

All reports will be signed off by the Managing Director with a statement that this Policy has been complied with.

Last modified: August 24, 2015