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    Back in 2015 we published various articles relating to the failure of Dyserth Falls Resort and other associated resorts. Following these publications the North Wales Police began an investigation called “Operation Nefarious” which is still ongoing. North Wales Police have reached out to us and ... read more
  • Cold Call Timeshare Scams & How They Spin Their Wicked Webs
    Timeshare scams must figure well within the top 10 money spinners for those unscrupulous individuals known as “Con Artists”. So what steps can you take to avoid becoming a victim? Firstly it is ... read more
  • Donald MacDonald Mr Nice Guy Turned Mr Nasty
    Yes there really is a MacDonald at the helm of MacDonald Hotels and Resorts, according to an article published in Caterer Magazine. Donald Macdonald is executive chairman of Macdonald Hotels & Resorts. He established the group in 1990 and has expanded it to become the UK’s largest ... read more

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Friendly advice from timeshare experts

We are “The Timeshare Consumer Association” and operate for consumers only.

We assist Timeshare owners in all matters concerning timeshare including acquisitions, purchases, sales and timeshare exits as well as legal matters in respect to consumer purchase, sales, maintenance and ownership of timeshare.

We collate information and pass information on to consumers to enhance their knowledge so as to assist they consideration and deliberation in all aspects of timeshare ownership.

We are “The Timeshare Consumer Association” and operate for consumers only.

Timeshare is fraught with bad practices unscrupulous traders resulting in a tarnished image degrading resorts and poor resale values. We will at all times uphold and preserve integrity and promote honest and open practices in the industry and on behalf of Consumers.

Any and all information provided to us will be in held in confidence and used to promote best practice and in the protection of consumers against the Excesses of the industry.

We will provide a safe reporting environment; give informed and trustworthy advice as well as carrying out detailed research on the industry.

We will assist consumers with exits from there timeshare contracts and provide strategies which will assist consumers with planning for exits. We will provide advices particularly to consumer’s contracts and assist with litigants in person actions.

We will collate information on timeshare scams, deceptions and tricksters and report all our finding to the authorities on behalf of Consumers and provide news updates and all investigations.

When timeshare Companies involved in the industry make claims and promote their services we will investigate those claims and report the excesses and falsehoods. We are a non profit making organisation and serve the consumer interest at all times. We are here to help the consumer so as to make informed decisions.