“Thank you so much again, I cannot thank you enough. It is wonderful to have someone on our side at this difficult time. I wish you the best of health. Take care and stay safe.”

Best wishes
Mr & Mrs Payne.

From the information on the Website and my initial web-chat to speaking with Natasha and Keith the service I received from the association was warm, professional and knowledgeable, always following up promptly on promises. Providing me with the information and confidence to move forward with making a claim under section 75 of the consumer credit act (1974). Big thanks and well done to the team, your assistance is genuinely appreciated.

Mr Shotton.

Have just read your article and I am astounded to find that I have almost been scammed!

I have received all the impressive looking paperwork asking for the fee for the procurator and showing they will be claiming E23221 on our behalf. All I have to do is pay in advance the fee requested. I even received a phone call to say that the fee had been reduced as there were now more claimants!

I stressed to the telephone caller that we got out of our timeshare when my husband was 75, about 3 1/2 years ago and have a letter saying we have no further claim on Diamond Resorts. They said this didn’t matter!

So glad A friend told me to google the company name.

Thank you for your help.

Mr & Mrs Gunn.

Contacted TCA after reading a number of articles, best thing I could have done, very helpful, with a great wealth of knowledge of the timeshare industry. TCA definitely deserves wider press coverage. Can’t rate the assistance provided high enough. Thank you, TCA.

Mr Griffiths.

Thank you again for your help, I wish I had known about you when I had the original issues with Blue green. It may have saved me a lot of money and heart ache. I am applying for my money back through my credit card.

Mr Day.

Last modified: June 22, 2020