Founded in 1997, TCA was formed to assist owners of timeshare and long term holiday products with questions they may have or problems they may experience with their ownership. The raison d’etre remains the same today as it did all those years ago.

We are independent of any organisation within the industry and can summarise our objectives as follows:

  • To offer clear concise advise.
  • To offer independent advice.
  • To educate owners in matters relating to their ownership.
  • To assist other consumer associations where needed.
  • To liaise with Government bodies on regulatory matters.
  • To protect owners against fraud or malpractice within the industry.
  • To research and publish articles of interest on our website.

As an advisory service we at no time would purport to be a watch dog for the industry, however, that said we will strive to protect the owners of timeshare and long term holiday products against unfair trading or blatant fraudulent activities.

From the creation of TCA we have been a free service, at no time in the future do we envisage this stance to change. We value the confidence of owners who contact us in the same way as we hope they value the confidence they placed in us.

Last modified: June 12, 2020