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Providing advice & help for timeshare, fractional, vacation club, travel discount club & holiday club owners in the UK.

Our users have no doubt observed the original Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA) ceased to exist due to the sudden death of its main Administrator, Sandy Grey. Sandy was a pioneer in the timeshare consumer industry and expended a large amount of time of his life in the pursuit of assisting others with timeshare problems.

Sandy died in April 2013 of Motor Neuron Disease and will not only be missed by his family but the thousands of people who relied upon his genuine and empathetic advice. In an effort to continue his work this site has been created with the assistance of his family and close friends. Shortly, we hope to publish a brief account of his life, his work and his aspirations to rid the timeshare industry of unscrupulous practices.

The Timeshare Consumer Association is a “not for profit” company. Any and all profit/surpluses made by the company will be used by the company to seek specialist advice on behalf of consumers.

At all times the accounts filed will be published and available to any consumer.

The company will be offering chargeable services, however, if and when a consumer is seeking immediate or urgent advice, we will at all material times give that advice free of charge. In the event the advice requires legal assistance there will be a charge the cost we incur.

We will on behalf of consumers investigate any company reported to us to further good practise in the industry.

We will collate industry information, carry out investigations and make all our findings available to consumers or those who represent consumers.

Our promise is only to consumers, that we will at all times have their interests at heart.

If anyone wishes to join us or assist us in the management, please feel free to make contact with us. Any proposals which save costs, benefit consumers and enrich the services we offer, will be considered.



Last modified: June 18, 2018