It’s no secret that the timeshare industry has a crummy reputation. The timeshare resorts, groups and bodies have used their pressure selling tactics to push people to buy into timeshare before even having a chance to consider what they are getting themselves into.

What has made the industry even more untrustworthy are the companies that scam you to get back out of your timeshare, likely to be the same people who got you into it in the first place. Known timeshare exit scam companies may include; Monster Travel, EZE Group and RSB Legal, among others.

There are also ‘independent’ bodies such as the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) who say that their member timeshare resorts/groups are legally trading and compliantly. However, they always seem to fail to report on the thousands of court cases that timeshare owners have against RDO member resorts/groups for illegal contracts. The omission of such news is very misleading indeed.

With there being so many bogus companies out there it’s not easy to tell who’s who and what news is trustworthy. Clients come to us in search of advice regarding which companies they should go to and we try to guide these enquiries in the right direction depending on their predicament.

But the services of these exit companies would not be required if the timeshare bodies were fair in their contractual agreements in the first place. Resorts such as Club la Costa and Anfi have numerous claim cases against them for their illegal contracts.

Not everyone in the timeshare industry is out to sell you a dodgy product though. Some groups have better reputations such as Holiday Property Bond (HPB), Tresco and Hapimag who was the first timeshare operator in the World, formed in 1963.

The trouble with timeshares isn’t getting into them but it’s the getting out of them that you might find yourself struggling with, before purchasing timeshare first think about what you’ll have to do in order to walk away from that in the future. Some exit companies take advantage of the tricky situations that many timeshare owners find themselves in when desperately trying to find a way out of the rising annual maintenance fees that come with timeshare.

However, not all of the companies offering solutions to timeshare owners are bad either. With companies such as Canarian Legal Alliance, European Consumer Claims and TESS, all bringing in successful results for their clients every month.

Whether you are looking into becoming a timeshare owner or trying to source a way to exit from your timeshare we are able to provide you advice on this. For queries do not hesitate to contact us.

Posted on: March 13, 2020

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