Belize welcomes its first Hilton Hotel “Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club”.  Further to the spin-off of the Hilton Grand Vacations and Park Hotels & resorts that we reported on last year that took place at the beginning of this year, Hilton Worldwide Holdings has seen a steady growth in business.  They have factored into the growth that they want to expand their group into South America, this being one of the first.

Belize is on the border of Mexico where the new resort has been built.  It consists of 205 cottage and villa rooms with a great range of extra activities and hotel amenities on offer.  These resorts are quite new to the Latin South American countries, and Hilton want to get in there first to exploit the new marketplace, as well as expand their own ever growing portfolio.

The Hotel group hope that this will help increase the customer loyalty, providing hotels off the beaten track to those that seek a bit of adventure.  This hotel is also part of the Hilton honours loyalty program which has millions of members worldwide, this hotel is a new addition to their holiday options.  It is situated very close to the San Pedro airport and the only town in Belize, San Pedro.  San Pedro is quite a small sandy town lined with wooden houses, with incredible beaches and a lot of charm.  It is a superb place to go diving, with its crystal clear waters, or visit the nearby national parks.  Or simply relax on the white sand beaches.

This new addition to the group will certainly get the adventurous Hilton honours members talking.  The Hilton group is now offering new and exciting destinations to their clients and looks to keep expanding into unexplored parts of Latin America.  It shows that there are resorts out there willing to take that risk of new ideas, and new locations to provide incredible services to their members.  It looks like Hilton got it right in its spin off at the beginning of this year and all three independent companies have benefited from becoming independent.  We look forward to hearing from any travellers that use the new Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club.

Posted on: December 8, 2017

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