Further to our article on November 8th, regarding the extension of their partnership with Ocean Two, and their merger with Vistana earlier on in the year, Interval Leisure Group (ILG) are set to acquire the exchange and service management company, Trading Places, as an additional feather to its cap. Interval International is one of the Global leaders in vacation exchange and rental services.

Interval Leisure Group knows the score when it comes to the management of membership and leisure services, so the acquisition of a company that specializes in quality exchange and management is nothing new. However it is an extension to the groups paid for services, one to one ownership exchange and property management. ILG plan to continue running Trading Places as a separate entity to the Interval International and Aston businesses. The benefits of the take over, will allow ILG to grow their exchange pool, and will provide benefits to the members of the already growing group for more exchange options.

Trading Places started out as a travel agency in South Carolina in 1973, finally developing into one of the biggest providers of exchange and leisure services to more than 300,000 owners today. The merger will assist ILG in finding other avenues to make exchanges and provide leisure services to their clients. ILG already has a pool of 2,500 resorts across 14 different countries; they are the biggest competitor of the well-known RCI points and exchange program.

This should be a further boost to the clients that are already in the Interval Leisure Group; one would also presume that the clients, whom Trading Places bring in, should also benefit from this acquisition, in that they may be able to take advantage of the large selection of resorts that are already available within Interval International.

The full details of the acquisition have still not been disclosed, but ILG is definitely one to watch, they seem to have no stop button, their growth is very positive both for the group itself and all of the members of the group. Please write to us on the email address below if you would like to share your experiences with Interval Leisure’s exchange program.

Posted on: December 28, 2016

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