A Malta regular recently posted a very frank and honest review of one of their favorite hotels on the island.  They begin their review by saying that they normally stay in the hotel twice a year, but it is no longer the hotel they remember.

First off this hotel is now 100% timeshare across all three blocks.

The holidaymakers explain how Azure Resorts, the timeshare sales side, works with Radisson Blu, who uphold their renowned quality by maintaining the hotel operation.   But, in their opinion, this is the double edge sword.

If you try to book direct via the website, availability is always low and prices are always sky high. The typical price for a hotel like this should be €100 in the off season and no more than €200 in the peak. The hotel is charging so much more because it’s only given a few rooms/nights to sell by Azure and those belong to timeshare owners who aren’t going to avail themselves of their entire week. Everybody wants to make money, the timeshare owner, Azure and finally the owners of the hotel – ergo the artificially inflated prices!!

They then go on to give some great, detailed recommendations regarding best floors and blocks with regards to their positions to the facilities and views and also, most importantly – noise.  This review is a must read for anyone looking to buy a particular unit with Island Residence Club / Azure Resorts.

As a regular stayer, they also have great comparisons and reviews on the food and beverages stating the food options in their restaurant, Mokka are “now very limited” and “the pool bar drinks are over priced and service is very poor”.

Generally the hotel needs a major refresh in many areas. It’s nothing disastrous just not conducive with a 5 star Radisson hotel. Sadly we noticed that the new owners IHI have decreased food quality and increased prices.

The location is still unique but bear in mind it’s a timeshare resort and not a conventional Radisson Blu Hotel Resort.

The Full Azure Malta TripAdvisor Review is well worth a read.

Posted on: July 26, 2016

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