It was only a few days ago we reported an unflattering Azure Trip Advisor post, yesterday another has been posted even more scathing than the first.

One would imagine the opening comment made hits a nerve with EVERY timeshare owner;

It really does irritate me that if you own a timeshare here you are treated like a second rate guest. Timeshare owners can check in from 5pm, whereas hotel guests can check in from 3pm.

The reviewer says that this “mentality” of putting a timeshare owner second, carried on throughout the stay in various different areas.  We hear this complaint from many owners where the resort is either part-hotel or new promotional clients have the red carpet rolled out for them, trying to entice them to purchase in this wonderful and welcoming resort.  The promotional client has additional services or certain charges waived which an owner would not, plus the fact some of these clients may have booked through sites like “Groupon” at super cheap rates really rubs salt into the wound.  But, a word of warning, if they do then buy the service and attitude seems to change on all future stays once they have handed over their money and they are seen as a “trapped” client that will be paying their annual maintenance now, year-in, year-out.

The majority of staff were nice and helpful, Jonathan was absolutely brilliant. But I have to say there were a few exceptions on the front desk, where staff made us feel like they were doing us a big favour by helping us book taxi’s, restaurants etc. Overall the hotel is little tired though and in need of some renovation work. Note to the hotel: The sun loungers around the pools are absolutely dire, they are SO uncomfortable, they really do need replacing asap.

It is such a shame, if staff can bend over backwards to impress a promotional client to part with £8,000 plus, then they have it in them to do this for everyone, including a valued timeshare owner that may have been loyal to that resort and paid out each and every year, regardless of their circumstances.

Posted on: July 29, 2016

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