Croatia and other Eastern European destinations have become increasingly popular over recent years. The boom that Croatia has recently been experiencing extends to the timeshare industry as well. In fact, the timeshare industry in Croatia has seen an exponential growth.

Vacation Property Ownership and other timeshare agreements are fast becoming one of the favoured methods of accommodation in the country as they are considered a budget-friendly, convenient alternative to hotel rooms.

Many of the people that visit Croatia fall in love with the country and want to return year after year to take in everything that this beautiful place has to offer, so it is easy to see why timeshare ownership makes so much sense for these people.

Many of the timeshare resorts offer higher quality amenities and surroundings than other holiday accommodation options, this is down to the timeshare owners’ maintenance fees. This is the case with many timeshare resorts across the world.

Camping Bi Village

Camping Bi Village has three different rooms/units on offer for timeshare owners. There are 1 & 2 bedroom units that have a partial kitchen and a 2 bedroom unit that comes with a full kitchen. Onsite you will find a bar and cocktail lounge, a games room, 2 swimming pools (one for children), a hot tub and a sauna.

Fontana Resort/Pinus Apartments

Another popular timeshare resort in Croatia is Fontana Resort and Pinus Apartments. This pet friendly resort has so much to offer, you can fill your days without having to leave the resort. Here you can play tennis, swim, use the games room or spend the day in the beauty salon. Within 2 miles of the resort you can experience Scuba diving, fishing or visit the local shopping centre.

There are so many reason to visit Croatia. This country can fill everyone’s holiday requirements. If you are looking for a traditional beach holiday then head to the coastal region of Dalmatia where you will find some of Croatia’s most beautiful beaches. You will find both pebble and sandy beaches with gorgeous views of the turquoise sea with hidden coves. The beaches are lined with miles of fig trees and olive groves.

Sailing is one of the best ways to experience the full beauty that Croatia has to offer. You can choose to rent a boat with or without a crew, with many charter companies dotted around the area. Whether you choose to go it alone or use a crew, sailing will take you to places you can only dream of in normal circumstances. Discover deserted islets and remote bays, anchor just about anyway to relax while floating on the Adriatic Sea or enjoy exquisite local cuisine in any number of restaurants found in the bays.

As well as the above, Croatia is full of culture and history. Visit any or all of the six UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Cathedral of St James in Sibenik. Stari grad plains, old city of Dubrovnik, historical complex of Split, Episcopal Complex of the Euprasian Basilica in Porec or the historic city of Trogir.

If the above hasn’t quite convinced you that timeshare in Croatia is for you, you can consider renting from a timeshare owner. This is a great way to explore the area and experience what timeshare resorts have to offer you before committing to timeshare of your own.

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Posted on: September 12, 2018

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