People across the world love to travel and timeshare plays a big part in many people’s travel plans. Travel destinations such as the Caribbean, Europe and the USA have already taken on board the timeshare lifestyle, with a huge variety of timeshare products and ownership resorts. These timeshare hot spots, as well as other areas of the world are already widely popular but there are many other destinations beginning to blossom and take full advantage of the opportunities that timeshare has to offer.

China has one of the world’s largest economies and is seeing a rise in their tourist industry. China in no way currently competes with the likes of the USA, when it comes to the amount of timeshare resorts. However, it is an up and coming timeshare destination with huge potential that timeshare developers are now starting to cash in on.

It is estimated that China currently has around 200 RCI affiliated resorts and 16 Interval International affiliates with the expectation of continuing expansion within the timeshare industry. Already attracting some timeshare owners through timeshare exchange programs, China is in a prime position to really start gaining some traction.

China has the world’s largest population. With reports of more and more Chinese citizens falling into the ‘middle class’ category, this has led experts to believe the number of Chinese tourists alone will make it worth while for timeshare companies to expand, but are also hoping to appeal to an even larger market.

Shanghai Xihong Vacation Club currently has one resort in Yantai, a northeastern resort in the Shandong Province. Shanghai Xihong has 24 two bedroom units with the Best Western multi-use property. Best Western combines vacation ownership units with hotel rooms and also offers commercial office space. A huge draw for timeshare owners looking at this resort is the length of the contracts. Shanghai Xihong Vacation Club offers right-to-use vacation ownership contracts which can be purchased in two, five or ten year increments.

Shanghai Xihong Vacation Club is now affiliated with Interval International, a timeshare exchange company and have ambitious plans for expansion within China, including a resort close to Shanghai Disneyland. Joe Hickman, Interval International’s VP and Executive Director for Asia/Pacific, has said “This type of vacation opportunity…and the Chinese consumer are a perfect match for each other. The growing middle class has the disposable income and desire to travel.”

Sun Island International Club, located on the River Mao in Shanghai is another timeshare resort affiliated with Interval International. Sun Island offers timeshare owners an abundance of onsite activities including a 36 hole golf course, the use of a conference centre, horseback riding, tennis and much more. The resort also has a clubhouse and restaurant where guests can enjoy live music while socialising with others in the cocktail lounge.

Beijing has seen a massive increase in tourism due to the 2008 Olympics and with it’s historic palaces and other cultural sights it is easy to see why timeshare has become popular here as well. Grand Hyatt Beijing, Beijing Badaling Hot Spring Resort and ASL at Jinqiao are just three of the timeshare resorts on offer.

It is easy to see why China is becoming more prominent in the timeshare industry, it’s hard to believe it has taken so long!

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Posted on: August 8, 2018

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