Regular readers of our articles will know that, for the most part, we have to report on the less than fair treatment that timeshare owners receive after making their purchase. Accordingly it is a rare thing for us to find a long term holiday ownership club that ticks all the boxes.

Back in 2015 we published an article about The Canal Boat Club, so we thought it was time to recheck the facts and update our records. After a very satisfactory conversation with a lovely lady named Rosie at the club, we are very pleased to share our glowing satisfaction with this timeshare company.

Canal boat holidays are not for everyone but do offer a different type of holiday experience. They can be a great way to see and explore beautiful areas of the UK not normally visited and all at just 4mph!

Canal Boats are unique but owning one is not cheap and usually further costly to maintain, but if tootling around inland waterways is your thing, then timesharing a canal boat may be the ideal solution. 

There is a lot of negativity associated with timeshare and long term holiday products including the nautical side of the industry, but every now and then you find a glowing gem!

The Canal Boat Club is an exclusive club of owners operated by a respected company offering just and fair terms for its members; which includes an extremely amicable contract termination process.

To purchase a top week in the red season which means you can holiday at any time of year will cost you just £1,140 per week for a 6 berth based on a 50 year membership contract. 

On top of this they also publish their maintenance fees on their website for everyone to see:

The reason why the company chooses to publish its maintenance fees on its website every year is because “it is a fair practice and good business to do so!”. Also of note is that members have the option to complete these yearly charges on monthly basis by direct debit.

By the way, when and if you tire of your ownership, Canal Boat Club will allow you to sever your 50 year agreement at any time for a single payment of £150. Nope that is not a typo; genuinely it will cost just £150!

The Canal Boat Club certainly sets an example to other long term holiday companies and it is no surprise that at TCA we have never had a single complaint, hence the publication of our original article in 2015, which was as true then and as it is now.

Run like all the larger resorts, Canal Boat Club has appointed Hutchinson & Co as the trustee to protect your legal rights of occupation holding the ownership of the boats on behalf of the members.


  • It’s cheap to get in, no pressure sales here!
  • It’s cheap to remain a member.
  • It’s cheap to get out!

All in all it is a very sound business model!

So why can’t all timeshare resorts see the problems that they create from their greed? Starting with mis-selling, over pricing, locking their consumers into unbreakable contracts and excessive finance agreements, and of course when they subsequently suffer problems in maintaining their ever increasing annual fees they are treated as debtors, as opposed to loyal customers!

Finally, the TCA have never been and never will be a sales platform for any timeshare or long term holiday products, but when we hear of those companies that are doing it right we feel that it is our duty to share this good news! Often in the vain hope that other resorts and management companies will take heed and also amend their ways. As they say, we can only live in hope!

Posted on: June 24, 2020

For more information regarding this article or assistance in any other timeshare related issues please contact the TCA on 0203 519 3808 or email:

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