Their Mission Statement

This institution has an advertised mission in that it explains

“Our Mission is to safeguard the consumer and business interests by effectively and efficiently promoting a fair, safe, equitable and healthy trading environment for the benefit of the community.”

Outline of Service they provide

Trading Standards and the Consumer Services section is controlled by the local authority where the timeshare trader operates in. Timeshare consumers have to accept that the trading standards have limited funds.


When you consider the amount of money that the local authorities spend on its services you have to consider that a lot of the council’s incoming money is generated by business. Also a vibrant authority is full of consumers spending there hard earned income on goods and services which they want or need.

It is therefore a pity that the local authorities do not give just credence to the value of a well funded and effective Trading Standards department as they are massively underfunded in these times of rip off schemes and other habitual scams.

Trading Standards

They do have the well-being of the local and business community at heart and carry out many enforcement activities and advisory services sometime in the public domain or behind the scenes and in support of consumers.

They not only investigate problems that consumers are experiencing, they promote consumerism in ways which complements the aims and objectives of the local authority, ensuring the trading environment (in which business operates) is fair, even and reasonable.

This ensures that there is an independent force contributing to the economic regeneration for the areas that each department serves. It manages enterprises and the services which are performed through a planned programmed of inspections, sampling and responding to requests for service.

The Trading Standards have a list of statutory duties and under many Acts of Parliament and associated Statutory Instruments which it enforces. In reality and in this short they are too numerous to mention in this article, however, generally speaking they fall into five broad categories.

These are – Weights and Measures, Food Products, Safety, Fair Trading and Consumer Advice.

The service they provide consumers aims to improve compliance with Trading Standards legislation and create confident and demanding (in part) timeshare consumer.

In order to meet their objectives in timeshare issues the Trading Standards aims are:-

To monitor the pricing of the timeshare goods and services offered and provided to ensure the price indications are not misleading.

To inspect, examine and test timeshare goods and services to make sure they conform to their description and offering.

To ensure timeshare customers are not misled when buying timeshare goods and services or the sellers fall foul of fraudulent trade practices.

To supervise and control Consumer Credit licensing and monitor/inspect all those involved in credit lending including advertising and other claims.

To promote an effective Trading Standards and Consumer Advice Service, which are accessible to all aspects of the timeshare community.

To investigate all timeshare civil and criminal complaints about goods and services the consumer has received.

To work in partnership with other agencies and to promote all the services which are provided!

To carry out test purchasing (secret shopper), to ensure all legislation is complied with and by the timeshare sellers themselves.

To consult other traders and all users of the service on enforcement and satisfaction levels.

Fair Trading

Fair Trading covers a wide ranging timeshare issues such as: false trade descriptions – credit lending and borrowing – late holiday booking and descriptions – prices, and alleged approved memberships of organisations.

If you are unsure whether your problem fits into the above area please contact the TCA and we will assist consumers in registering a complaint. The service TCA provide is designed to assist you and they have a duty to do just that.

Trading Standards – Performance Standards

You can help them by:

  • Co-operating with their requests for information to progress a timeshare investigations a resort investigation of a exit companies service.
  • Trading Standards will provide reasonable access to you and in order for them to make investigations and inspections, reasonable and palatable.

If a Trader is subject to a ‘Planned Service Review’

First of all we have heard the industry machine make much of statements stating “Company A”-“have been the subject” of a Trading Standards Inspection”. This is a misleading statement as good companies invite trading standards to their premises; they engage with them and assist them in carrying out the function they are obliged to do.

Regular meetings with companies/authorities are a good thing, as are the meeting they have with other authorities and agencies. There are an abundance of reasons why the trading standards call to see an enterprises organisations and firms.

All Service Plans are generally subject to review at least every quarter with a Divisional Manager and the Head of Service and any corrective action is agreed.

Quarterly Review information will be published throughout the year in their Business Plan and published on council’s website (so consumers should use it as it gives an over view).

The Trading standards are your first call when you have a problem with a enterprise as they will have records over many years, will have carried our brief inspections and generally get a feel about the atmosphere at the enterprise.

They cannot guarantee anything as this is not there purpose. If a officer visits a company them as soon as he leaves things could change the moment he exits the building. Summarily extraordinary events might befall a company which that officer never knew about.

The Trading standards serve a good purpose in monitoring, as if a timeshare resort or company has continual bad reports about them the trading standards can increase the concentration on particularly aspects of the enterprise and its trading platform, to either head off problems or assist in resolving area of concern which you the consumers might have.

The TCA suggest that as you the consumers pay for the service through you council tax and that service is aimed at helping you (free of charge) then use it.

Last modified: March 11, 2016