While the fleur-de-lis has appeared on countless European coats of arms , the three petals historically represented the medieval social classes: those who work, those who fight, and those who pray.

In timeshare the fleur-de-lis and petals (we propose) represent.

–   The happy and contented Timeshare owners.

–   The owners who are working the problems.

–   The owners who say “I’m a timeshare owner get me out of here.”

At some stage all timeshare consumers will be in one category or the other, however everyone will have a wish to leave the timeshare ownership at some stage.

Imagine if suddenly the resorts on mass stated  “if you want to leave you can just hand in your certificate”. What would happen? Correctly some would leave and some would defer leaving until they are ready. The happy owners would remain.

The leavers would hand their certificates in and those certificates would belong to the (members not the developers). They could be re-sold and the proceeds put into the club.

That said this does not happen as some in the industry take the proceeds and then ‘rip off’ the incoming owners so the stench continues.

And that why you have the second and third petals.

The happy and contented owners

If you own timeshare and are happy with that ownership and enjoy the fruits of your acquisition the TCA are not and never been against you. Equally we have no wish to interfere with the quite enjoyment you have bought into. We at the TCA actually (and contrary to popular belief) believe in the timeshare product and hope that it continues well into the future as it is a good product. The timeshare model belongs to everyone and should be owned and enjoyed by everyone. Developers should have the fruits of their investments, resorts managers should profit from the service they provide and consumer/owners should be allowed to own and enjoy their holiday investment.

The owners who are working the problems.

A problem can escalate if not addressed and every complaint should be met with cogent and reasonable reactions. As the consumer is on holiday and is paying for hospitality. The levels of expectation are higher and as such if a consumers concern is not addressed and resolved it will fester and breed.

To keep on selling and re selling to that consumer causes mistrust and resentment and this will eventually lead to the consumers wishing an exit.

In some resorts the client care and problem solving is good, therefore retention of clients is a testament to that good practise. That said in some resorts the client care and respect is abysmal and this leads to discord and a desire to exit timeshare and forever.

The industry need to embrace this and can avoid a stampede. It is within their power and if they choose to embrace change. Timeshare can work! Timeshare does work and it does prosper in certain resorts. If it’s not working in your resorts then you have discord and an unwillingness to resolve discord. The result is that the consumer wants to leave.

The owners who say “I’m a timeshare owner get me out of here”

The ‘enough is enough’ trigger in real and we all have it, it’s the point which a person puts up with something and then something quite trivial occurs ‘the straw broke the camel’s back’. Some people put up with disrespect from a long time, in others they can snap quickly. The trigger is personal and controlled by our individual feeling. As we can’t help the way we feel, the trigger is different in each one of us.

This is where advice is needed. No one should embark on a legal adventure or a legal scrap without taking stock and without knowing what will happen once the contest is under way. The worry, hurt feeling, allegations and cross allegations, the constant recycling of the issues and desire to prove and win. It’s called litigation sickness.

Before any legal adventure, you need advice on many issues, so that you are prepared. To sell a legal dream by a cold caller under the pretence that they are your new friend is wrong. To sell to you under the auspice that they can help you and they are best placed to get you a result you want, is criminal.

To tender legal advice when they are not experienced in such matter is evil.

The saying “where there is muck there is money” is so real in timeshare circles.


Never entertain a cold a caller (just put the phone down).

Never pay a person who appears to be selling something.

Never sign a contract on the day.

Tell them that you will call them when you are ready.

Check out their advice.

Check the firm /company out.

Last modified: August 25, 2015