This is a vital part of our work so the advice we give is accurate. There are some unscrupulous people operating companies that truly need to be stopped as their actions are simply destroying lives. With your help we will do all we can to ensure they are stopped.

When Sandy Grey passed away a lot of the work he did and the information he had was lost. We are steadily compiling a database of information on those who operate fairly and those who do not.

It does not matter whether you have sold your timeshare, or not, nor have ever been a timeshare holder.

“If you have any information please help us to help others in this quest.”

We will be supplied with a lot of details from our European partners and will catalogue everything for good purposes and in the protection of consumers.

This work will also assist in the reports to the police and regulatory bodies.

Our industry has good and bad practices. Some traders need to change their ways and others don’t and need good exposure, so we want to monitor and assist those companies to improve their services. We believe it’s not just a case of verbally recommending someone by way of a few phone calls or a private relationship. We need to catalogue the consumers comments with regards to their services and publish those results.

This will ensure new timeshare consumers fully understand ‘what is a timeshare’ and have the tools needed to make good choices.

In time and as the information comes in, we will publish the findings so that you can view what other think of them and their willingness to play fair.

Equally those companies can look for themselves and see what other consumers think about them and monitor their own ambition with respect to the consumer data. The primary objective is to improve the industry, provide meaningful assistance to consumers and move to an honourable, just and proper way for people to enjoy the benefits of owning and holidaying in timeshare with well managed companies and traders.

Last modified: August 24, 2015