We use the term “no win no fee timeshare claims” as this is a common phrase commandeered in assisted court actions adverts.

That said such cases whereby there is a “no win and no fee” option is available are shrinking. In the main they are generally given to people who fit into past tested situations like “a person running into the back of another persons car” there are authorities / precedents set down for such events and they have been tested in the past. Repeated judgements are handed down by the courts who view liability the same way.

Therefore the result in court is generally predictable. Coupled with the fact that the defendants in these actions are insurance companies and/or government authorities the assistor will be confident of a victory which will attract a low risk. The assisted party will receive an enhanced cost award which the assistor receives as profit on the risk they took. Sadly rules have changed since those days and “No win No Fee” assistance is very much a limited option.

We as The Timeshare Consumer Association offer help those who have been duped by people and companies involved in bad practices, fraudulent trading, and fraudulent selling of services in the timeshare industry and are looking to make a timeshare claim.

Our objective at all times is to rid the industry of these people and companies so as the industry operates with good practice, honest trading, and provides a trustworthy holiday experience for consumers.

Therefore and with the advice either obtained through us or other reputable firms of solicitors we will review each case for assisted funding for timeshare claims.

This funding for timeshare claims will be in the form of a the following platforms

  • Full no win no fee assistance
  • Full assistance on paying the costs of apposing parties
  • Paying of your costs in the event you lose
  • Assistance with costs associated with court costs
  • Free assistance with our legal team (pro-bono)
  • Full costs assistance with an up lift success fee
  • Initial fee in respect to part cost discretionary benefits scheme
  • No assistance available
  • Costs associated to issue determination
  • Costs associated with counsel’s advice
  • Mediation event costs

Each application will be viewed by the Association and put to the chairman and directors for approval. Once approval has been given a case manager will be appointed to ensure that your case is handled correctly and to the satisfaction of the Association.

Assistance is not guaranteed and we will at all times keep records of those assisted. Any applicant who has been turned down can apply to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS for information on this service.

In some cases applicants will be turned down who have the same issues as another who have been accepted. The reason for this is that we are running a test case before the courts. If your issues are the same as theirs you will, despite being turned down, receive up dates on the actions we are running so as to assist you in your dispute.

We have a good selection of companies, firms and advisors willing to assist us and each have there own complex criteria assessing the risks of actions of consumers.

This fee will be used to research the issues in your particular set of circumstances, so that the risks can be formulated as not to unjustly expose the funder or ourselves to high exposure. In saying this if we have a need to determine an issue which persists we will fund an action so that we and consumers will have clear guidance in the future. If we have received an application for funding of a timeshare claim and the issues are the same as the one we have decided to fund any and all information which we glean from the funded case will be shared.

Funding timeshare claims is a complex and expensive business and offers of funding are a minefield to explain however we are confident we can assist some people in either partial, minor, major, or full funding.

We are sure you can appreciate that if we assist in the funding of an action we will be exposing the Association to potential cost consequences in the event that the assisted party loses their action.

That said with the evaluation fee we might be able to assist in part and/or take on the case by way of an actionable assignment.

All funded claimants and defendants will be published on our web site with updates for tactical reasons issues will not be discussed until after the action has ceased or an agreement permits the publishing of the finding. Consumers will be aware that some settlement terms restrict an announcement, as such results may not be permitted to enter the public domain by way of the Association.

Last modified: November 5, 2018