Assume the 3 events which cause you to seek an assisted timeshare exit.

1. You cannot sell your timeshare.

2. No one will accept a transfer of the timeshare you own.

3. The timeshare company will not accept any candidate willing to accept a transfer as the transferee is not acceptable to them.

You may have no option but to exit the ownership by entering into negotiations with the timeshare company and paying them a sum of money to guarantee an exit. You will feel stuck in a rut.

We at the Timeshare Consumer Association might be able to assist you in developing this option.

Others who say they can secure a timeshare exit solution are being unrealistic:  you are at the will of the timeshare company and they will not like losing their annual fees.

You should shy away from the people who insist and boast they can get you out, as in truth “they” are not a party to the contract and their main objective is to make money out of you. So think which option is best for you.

Whenever approaching an assisted exit and/or obtaining assistance, you should first consider your bargaining position, the risks to both parties, but especially the timeshare company’s risk.

Those risks are:-

  • To their contract
  • Their reputation
  • Their standing
  • Their position with other timeshare owners
  • Their position in the industry and industry affiliated bodies
  • The lack of reasonableness in respect to legislative bodies, MP’s and the like.

Hard positions, unresolved issues and disputes do not create effective and profitable concerns going into the future.

So positioning in respect to negotiations will assist you to exit. Don’t ever think if you have engaged a confrontational advisor that his loud voice and his aggressive nature will win the day, as in short they don’t.

You need to explain the disadvantages of not letting you out, the advantages of being reasonable with you and the shared torment of a protracted dispute with you. Explain about the people and bodies who are monitoring your discussions with them and what they might be led to believe if the timeshare company is mischievous unhelpful, stubborn and vexatious.

Again our advice (at the outset) is, be prepared to be tolerant, be tactical, think and know your goals and budgets. Formulate timeshare exit solutions and don’t reveal your hand. Don’t take no for an answer, we can advise you, as can the Citizens Advice and/or a solicitor and act with reason at all times. Having this in mind and setting reasonable and achievable goals – you may well exit your timeshare.

Remember at all times, at the conclusion of a hard negotiation where both parties achieve certainty over an outcome, the best and fairest result will mean that both parties are not happy with the outcome, both in truth are upset and scarred. This is not nice to say and we wish it was something other than true, however, a well battled negotiation will mean both parties have lost something.

So be ready for the kick around, protect yourself, focus on your objectives, prepare responses and avenues of concern and point out the negatives the timeshare company has.

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Last modified: May 22, 2019