Recommended Timeshare Resales Brokers

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How to Cancel Timeshare.

Warning about “Buy-Out” schemes (Exit Programmes).

Historically, Sandy Grey had identified some 95% of the timeshare resale companies who claim to be ‘resellers’ have actively defrauded Consumers. The Timeshare Consumer Association, in the past, have investigated large numbers of those unscrupulous resellers and have compiled a list of known companies who have acted honourably in the past.

It is vital NOT to make any up-front payment for any reason. If an upfront payment is requested then you should not transact with that reseller.

This is what the law now requires (as from 23 February 2011) see Time Share Regulations 2010.

A free of charge classified advertising website for European resorts.
For resorts located in New Zealand offer a brokerage service.

Last modified: March 11, 2016