From time to time and in the past Timeshare Consumer Association carry out surveys within the European timeshare industry which may be of interest to timeshare owners in particular and consumers in general.

Additionally our staff make speeches and write articles on important matters.

Summaries of the reports resulting from these surveys can be read on these pages and the full reports downloaded for later reading.

Full reports are available in PDF file format (for reading in Adobe Reader).

If you do not have Adobe Reader, a free copy can be downloaded from here.

Reports available:

Timeshare in Europe – 2004 an industry at the cross roads (November 2004).

Annual Ownership Costs 2004 – interim report (January 2005).

Timeshare in Europe – 2005 (December 2005).

Timeshare in Europe – 2007 (November 2007).

Speech by Sandy Grey to European Commission, Brussels (19 July 2006).

TCA response to EC consultation paper.

TCA specific proposals for a new Timeshare Directive.

TCA reasons supporting the proposals.

Speech by Sandy Grey to the European Parliament Committee hearing on the proposed new directive (28 June 2007).

Verbal evidence given by Sandy Grey to the House of Lords Select Committee (12 July 2007).

Written evidence by TCA to the House of Lords Select Committee (13 September 2007).

Last modified: August 29, 2015