Q. I have been offered a deal to get me out of my Timeshare. Is this safe?
A. Almost certainly NOT. See here

Q. I believe that I was mis-sold a Timeshare, what can I do? 

A. See here

Q. I have been contacted by a Company that says that it has sold, or can sell, my Timeshare. Is this a scam? 

A. Yes. See here

Q . I have been asked to go to the offices of a Company who say they can sell my Timeshare. Is this a scam? 

A. Yes. See here

Q. I have signed an agreement with a timeshare Company and now want to get out of the agreement [and get my money back].
A. See here

Q. I have been promised a ‘cash back’ after a number of years. Is this a scam?
A. Yes. See here

Q. Should I rely on the advice given by TATOC Timeshare Association or the trade body, RDO – are they independent? 

A. No. They are both financed by traders to give advice in the interests of the trader, not the Consumer.

Q. I think I am the victim of a fraud. Who can I report this to?
A. Your local Trading Standards office (usually in the Town Hall). But it may also be worth also reporting to Action Fraud

Q. I have joined a holiday club – is this a good idea?
A. No.

If your situation is NOT in this list please contact us.

Last modified: August 28, 2015