The timeshare industry is loaded with people, firms and companies who attempt to exploit consumers with false promises. Sandy Grey and others in the industry have identified a lot of these unscrupulous traders, brought them to book and provided helpful information on what consumers should do when approached by them.

With some 95% of the companies, who claim to be ‘resellers’ are actively defrauding consumers one after another.

The TCA and other respected associations have identified good honest and reliable traders who are committed to the industry and the need to promote good practices.

Despite having a long association with consumers and championing consumers we at the TCA do not have a vast budget resources of others thus cannot (at speed) research the large amount of traders who do provide a good services and do promote the industry with good practices.

We identified a number of brokers who have in the past come to the attention of the TCA and for many years, actively proved to be honest, reliable and championed good morals and principles.

Points to consider

How long has the broker been in business? If the broker is a Limited Company you can check free of charge

Is the broker profitable? Being profitable indicates that they are efficient.

Does the broker retain profit? This again shows that the investors in the company want it to succeed and are willing to invest in its future.

Check a reputable consumer association and ask their opinions. Remember they might give better advice if you call in person.

Check their association’s web sites for consumer allegations against resellers.

Beware of companies who want cash up front.

Beware of cold callers.

Contact Citizen’s Advice if unsure.

Check the company’s consumer policies.

Don’t be guided by the sales puffs, gloss and glitz.

See the reseller audience and see if it fits your requirements.

These are a short list but gives a reasonable indications as to the resale broker reliability.

If an up-front payment is requested then you should not do business with that reseller. As from 23 February 2011 this is what the law now requires.


Last modified: March 11, 2016