CLC world have launched an initiative as per the logo above. They go to great lengths to explain the protective measures that have been put in place, which goes to show they are taking the Covid-19 situation very seriously and reacting accordingly. The upshot is that although, if you are a member, it’s good news that you will now be able to holiday. The downside is that it will be a very different holiday to those you may have enjoyed previously. 


Taking a look at the largest CLC resort on the Costa del Sol they are acting in accordance with the Spanish government rules and have therefore had to put in place some changes that will undoubtedly have an effect on your overall holiday experience, below we list some of the main restrictions:


  • Seating within bars and restaurants is limited. Terrace capacity has been increased where possible to maximise the number of places available.
  • Guests must remain seated and not approach or stand at the bar or service counters.
  • A full takeaway service is available for those who prefer to eat in their own apartment or where there is no space available in the restaurant or bar.
  • There is no live evening entertainment during the initial opening period. Hopefully something decent will be on TV back in the room…

Sun beds & Pools

  • Currently, capacity of the swimming pool areas is restricted to 50%. Guests are encouraged to swim, and then return to private terraces should there be no sunbed available at the poolside.


  • A number of soft furnishing items have been removed to increase hygiene protocol e.g. bed throws, cushions, rugs.
  • The CLC World grocery welcome pack has been replaced with a hygiene pack.
  • Currently, mid-week cleans are not available.
  • A mid-week change of towels or other in-room requirements will be delivered to the door without staff entering.
  • Remote controls have been sealed in plastic to further enhance hygiene standards.

Further minor changes such as the resort train, is not currently running and the kids club is closed, together with more stringent check in and out facilities add to the restrictions. 

Can you even get there?

It has been widely reported that Spain have taken umbrage in relation to the UK imposing a 14 day quarantine period on passengers arriving from abroad. Spain has said in return that it could impose quarantine on arrivals from the UK from next week if the British government maintains similar measures to stop the spread of the Corona Virus, according to Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya in an interview on the BBC’s Hardtalk programme.

“We will be looking at what the UK does and we will be in dialogue with the UK to decide whether or not we should introduce reciprocity, as they have different measures from the rest of the EU,” she said.

On 8th June, the British government imposed a 14-day quarantine on travellers arriving in the country from any international destination but Chancellor; Rishi Sunak, said on Sunday that the 14-day quarantine was being reviewed and that the authorities were looking at “all options”, including opening air bridges with other countries.

González Laya described the current situation as “fluid” and insisted that both parties will remain in contact to make decisions in accordance with the “health situation”, which, she said, is now “a little better in Spain than in the United Kingdom”.

Good news, bad news

The reopening of CLC World is obviously better news for those whose holidays are yet to come this year but it’s obviously bad news for those who have missed their holiday, paid their annual maintenance and have nothing to show. 

To be fair though, nobody saw the coming of Covid 19 and the disruption to all facets of life it wreaked. Timeshare is no exception but the major difference is that by the time the “new normal” starts at least 50% of all owners will have paid a substantial sum this year for nothing. 

Does it take a pandemic to prove once again that traditional timeshare has run its course and should be destined for a major overhaul?

A terrible choice of words?

The new CLC slogan “Safe Hands” is clearly focussed on how CLC are looking to keep visitors “safe” after COVID 19, and we at the TCA are pleased to see that resorts are focussing on their clients safety whilst at the resort, however did their marketing team think that the slogan “Safe Hands” may be considered insensitive and somewhat inappropriate following the horrific swimming pool tragedy at their Costa del Sol resort late last year?

Posted on: June 19, 2020

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