Sorry to nag on about the above organisations but it totally beggars’ belief as to how both seem to be thoroughly oblivious to the global problems created by Covid 19. As we have reported in the past, RDO, which is the acronym for Resort Development Organisation, have yet again failed to make any mention of timeshare owners and the problems they are experiencing, no real surprise here! The only useful article on their website is the guide to the major tourist countries and what travel restrictions are in place ( Pretty useless stuff as Mr Google will give that to you in an instant. Interestingly, further down in the article they do clarify what they have been doing, here is an extract from website:

“What has RDO being doing?

Together with EUROC, the European timeshare owners’ association, RDO has been lobbying to ensure that the measures introduced provide the right level of support to timeshare businesses and, importantly, that the financial support continues during the recovery phase.

More detailed information and guidance is sent by email by the Secretariat to RDO members on a regular basis.”

So once again the reference is to ensure “support to timeshare businesses”, HELLO what about the owners who have lost their holidays or will lose them? What about the maintenance fees paid for timeshare that cannot be use? As predictable diddly squid!

Turning to EUROC (European Resort Owners Coalition) this is the organisation for the benefit of timeshare owners, supposedly. Believe it or not, there is absolutely no mention of Covid 19 on their website except an article dated April 9th titled “Stay at home this bank holiday weekend” useful stuff eh? There is no mention of the timeshare owner’s situation regarding lost holidays or maintenance fees or any of the myriad of problems facing owners right now, so much for being the organisation for owners!

They do however publish advice and in one area they say the following:

“Selling your Timeshare….

Before you engage with a 3rd party company, we recommend that if you would like to sell your timeshare that you speak directly to your Home Owner Club owner services team or a club committee representative to discuss the options available to you”.

Has no one informed EUROC that there is literally no resale market in Europe, even charities will not accept timeshare or points as a bequeathment! We also find it of interest that there is a reference to “Home Owners Club” this is pretty much unique to American resorts, if you are a member of such a club in a European resort, we would be pleased to hear from you as we believe EUROC is probably a clone of their American friends ARDAROC.

So is there any true consumer advice or protection from these organisations? Well let’s look at the audit trail:

RDO – Funded by membership of major developers and timeshare resorts.

EUROC – Funded by RDO.

Kwikchex – Funded by RDO.

Timeshare Task Force – Managed by Kwikchex.

Timeshare Business Check – Managed by Kwikchex.

A full list of RDO members may be viewed here:

So if all roads of funding lead back to the likes of Anfi, Club la Costa, Diamond Resorts etc what on earth are your chances of getting unbiased advice on maintenance fees, exiting ownership, illegal contracts and so on; given that it is extremely unlikely that you would bite the hand that feeds you?

Question; “Why do neither EUROC nor Kwikchex challenge the behaviour of rogue timeshare resorts?”

The TCA; and for that matter Inside Timeshare, have no axe to grind, we will expose the illicit actions of the timeshare resorts and their management companies, as much as we will revealany fraudulent organisation, with our sole quest being to assist timeshare owners. We would draw your attention to our mission statement, which is as current today as it was when we came into existence some 23 years ago:

“To provide help and assistance including specialist advice to consumers, to avoid pitfalls and to resolve timeshare problems. This service is provided, free of charge and the telephone is manned Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:00 by our dedicated team.

We will also provide a central resource of consumer oriented information on timeshare matters for the media and other consumer organisations – including the encouragement of a positive public attitude to responsible, honest, timeshare operators. We will not shy from publicly exposing anti-consumer practices and organisations which operate in a manner detrimental to timeshare buyers and owners.

An important part of our quest will be to lobby UK and European Governments and regulatory bodies for improved protection for consumers in the timeshare environment, promote and co-ordinate group compensation claims on behalf of consumers, and Collect information on frauds etc., for action by enforcement authorities”.

Posted on: June 18, 2020

For more information regarding this article or assistance in any other timeshare related issues please contact the TCA on 0203 519 3808 or email:

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