We have been informed that scam company Inconel Administrations SL are cold calling ABC clients and promising to help get their money back from ABC and claim compensation. We urge all ABC clients to be aware of this scam company and not to do any business without researching them first.

The company isn’t even a year old, having been registered in August 2019. The address which is published on their website C/ Victoriano Beamud 19, Arenales de San Gregorio, Cuidad Real, España, when researched with Google maps it shows a back street that doesn’t appear to be an office at all. The address also doesn’t match the one on their terms and conditions or registered address which is c/ Coronel Ripollet Edif Santos Rein 3A, 29640, Fuengirola, Malaga, España,completely different areas of the country.

A recent article from Inside Timeshare tells us that Inconel’s registered address in Fuengirola is also used by Platinum Services and Administration SL. A company related to Eze Group scams. As well as this, the director of the company is also known; Jose Miguel Muñoz Cañas. Who was also a director of another company, O1C Leisure and Legal Solutions that runs Eze Group scams.

Inconel’s website states that “At present our lawyers have more than 1000 cases going through the courts of Málaga.” This is a suspicious amount of cases for a company that has only been in operation 7 months.

They also state that the only successful judgement they’ve had is against a company that has been non operational since 2010 – MacAnthony Realty International SL.

“We have had successful prosecutions and convictions against the following companies.

MacAnthony Realty International S.L.
Incentive Leisure Group S.L
Instant Access S.A
Blue Chip
Dream Homes WorldWide”

All of the above suggests this to be a scam operation and our advice would be to steer clear.

Posted on: March 11, 2020

For more information regarding this article or assistance in any other timeshare related issues please contact the TCA on 0203 519 3808 or email: info@TimeshareConsumerAssociation.org.uk

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