We have recently heard news that Club La Costa World lost a claim case against M1 Legal and European Consumer Claims (ECC) clients. The couple, Mr. And Mrs. Bradshaw, walked away with a €16,076 payout from Club La Costa.


“We received €16,076 just in time for Christmas,” said the Bradshaws. “This was like a big cloud over us and now that it has been lifted we don’t need to worry about family being lumbered with unwanted timeshare bills. We sincerely thank ECC and M1 Legal teams for their efforts.”

Their case was heard in the Spanish courts and the judge ruled in favour of the Bradshaw’s case as the contract that had been provided to them was found to be unlawful. Their contract did not specify an end date or contain land registry information for the accommodation detailed in the contract.

This is the latest victory in the News for ECC whose UK headquarters are based in Henley-on-Thames, UK and M1 Legal, a specialist firm of timeshare lawyers based in Málaga, Spain. 

According to our source, M1 Legal are currently processing more than 1,500 timeshare related cases to court, collectively reaching the value of over £21million. To date, the legal firm have achieved 191 favourable judgements, totalling to £3.1million.


“We followed the process with ECC and it was all straight forward – they were very thorough in requesting all of the paperwork for our case,”

The couple were clearly very pleased with the outcome of their case as they stated they urged others to follow in their footsteps. “Go ahead,” said Mr. Bradshaw, “but be patient and don’t be put off by the bad press you see online. Often enough the bad press is published by the very people who support the timeshare industry.”

It was 2012 when the Bradshaw’s became fractional owners of an apartment in Sierra Marina Resort with Club La Costa World. The couple paid £27,000 in total costs to the group for their fractional ownership and other resort related schemes, along with paying £5,000 a year in maintenance fees.

“We saw it as an investment, to enjoy quality holidays – and we were advised that we would have the option to sell our fractional ownership back to Club La Costa World after 19 years but this was not the case,” commented Mr. Bradshaw.

You would assume that because of the sheer quantity of money the couple had paid Club La Costa that they would receive brilliant service. But they never got anything of the sort.

“When we found out what they had told us was not true, we felt trapped having discovered the fractional ownership was unsalable there being no resale market,” added Mrs. Bradshaw.

The couple decided in August 2016, that it was time to take action. They met with an ECC consultant in Berkshire to initiate the process to take legal action against Paradise Trading SL, a company belonging to Club La Costa World who was the vendor of their timeshare. 

It seems as though the Bradshaw’s already have plans for their newly found fortune; “We will never buy timeshare again,” said the couple. “From now on we make our own holiday arrangements and for this year have booked a cruise to Russia.”

Andrew Cooper, the CEO of European Consumer Claims said “I am pleased that we were able to produce this outcome for the Bradshaw’s. We look forward to doing the same for many other clients in the future.”


Posted on: January 27, 2020

For more information regarding this article or assistance in any other timeshare related issues please contact the TCA on 0203 519 3808 or email: info@TimeshareConsumerAssociation.org.uk

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