Here at the Timeshare Consumers Association, we have previously detailed the benefits and advantages that owning timeshare can give you. With so many resorts around the world offering a variety of products it can still be difficult knowing what timeshare would be right for you and your loved ones. To give you further insight we have spoken to timeshare owners who can give you the advantages from their own perspective.

Our first interview was with Mr & Mrs H from Lancashire who own their timeshare at Diamond’s Sunset Bay, Tenerife. Mr & Mrs H have owned their timeshare for over 10 years now and have used it at every opportunity possible.

How Did You Come To The Decision To Buy Your Timeshare?

“We had been coming to Tenerife on holiday for a few years with our two sons and always loved it. A friend of ours already had timeshare and suggested that we have a look at the resort where he and his wife stayed, so one day when we were on holiday we decided to go and have a look.” Mrs H

“If I am honest, I was very skeptical.” added Mr H, “I thought it was something that sounded too good to be true. I didn’t feel, as a family, that we would benefit at all. It was alright for a couple, but I thought it would be too restricting for a family.”

“Anyway we went and had a look round and the resort was great. Our friend introduced us to someone that gave us further information. That person explained everything in very simple terms, so simple even my husband was won round. We had heard some people had been pressured by sales reps, but this definitely wasn’t the case for us.
We liked what we heard and saw but wanted to think about it so went away to talk on our own. A couple of days later we went back and signed up and haven’t looked back since. It’s definitely been a great decision for us and our family.”

In Your Opinion, What Are The Benefits To Owning Timeshare?

“I definitely feel that I’m in our home away from home, without all the work! As the years have gone by, we have made many friends, not only at the resort but on the island. We get to see people that live here as well as others that regularly visit Tenerife, it’s great.” says Mrs H.

Mr H, “Obviously we pay maintenance fees, that’s a given, but it means that when I’m away I don’t have to think about doing the work myself. We are still using the original room that we signed up for and the resort have made improvements to both the rooms and resort over the years.”

“The resort is in the middle of everything. We now bring the grand-kids and it’s perfect for them. The beach is close by and there is plenty for them to do. They are even making their own friends each time they come.” Added Mrs H

Timeshare Consumer Association thank Mr & Mrs H for taking the time to talk to us and want to wish them many more happy holidays in the future.

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Posted on: August 1, 2018

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