Ever since Wyndhams spinoff of their timeshare vacation group, it has went from strength to strength.  Now they are looking to expand the timeshare vacation clubs success globally and have employed Barry Robinson, an experienced hotelier, to take the helm as President and Managing Director of all International Operations that are out with North America.  This includes 7 vacation clubs and over 900,000 owners.

The members currently purchase ‘credits’ from Wyndham for their holidays.  These are then transferred into holidays in the Wyndham Resorts or they can also be used in the RCI holiday exchange program.  Therefore, there are many options for these families to enjoy different holidays year in, year out.

Barry has been at Wyndham for the last 14 years working as leader of the Asia Pacific resorts, he also headed the growth of Wyndham over the Pacific rim.  He has had lots of success throughout his 14 years in the Hotel sector.  Barry was also a big part of the build up to and the opening of the flagship hotel in Melbourne.  Wyndham are hoping that he continues his success for the growth of the company on a more international scale.

Barry says of his new appointment;

“With tourism and travel the fastest growing sector globally, continued outbound growth from the Asia Pacific region and emerging markets around the world hungry for quality travel experiences, the sky’s the limit. I am immensely excited about the growth potential of our business,”.

Barry has spent most of his life in the hospitality industry and he realises that exceptional service and successful business go hand in hand.  He hopes to apply this theory in his new position at Wyndham to reach the highest potential of Timeshare vacations globally.

It is good to see that in the diverse world of timeshare that Wyndham are raising over the negative reviews of the most recent timeshare issues and focusing on providing longevity in their timeshare product.  Keeping it up to date with what a client desires, so that their holidays are always as they want them to be.  Also, nice to see that this cut throat industry still has positive stories, along with their exciting products and new ideas.

Posted on: June 18, 2018

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