An American couple holidayed in the popular resort of Las Vegas, Nevada in 2016, where they had enjoyed several holidays in the past.  On their last day in the desert paradise, they were cajoled off the street and into a timeshare presentation.  At first, they were led to believe that this would only take a short while, however, ended up taking the best part of their final day of their holiday.

Ever since, they have regretted being led into the presentation with Wyndham Resorts, and further, purchasing the timeshare.  The couple were told that they would be able to take advantage of timeshares around the world, it turns out what they ended up purchasing only allowed reservations throughout the USA.  This was the first point that they felt cheated on, however, the complaint continued.

The couple have since discovered that the timeshare contract that they have bought into, is even more expensive than booking a normal holiday in a similar standard resort in the same locations.  They were lured into the purchase by a lot of ‘false promises’, telling them that the resorts they had access to were close to Golf Courses, which was a bonus, as they both love golf.  They were also showed around Wyndhams’ luxury resort in Las Vegas which boasts some stunning facilities including the spa and pools, another plus for the couple.

“At the end of the presentation and before we went into sign there was champagne. The signing was rushed and confusing and the sales rep kept putting documents in front of us to initial and sign and we just kept initially inside it was a mind-blowing day so much was going on so much information to process Aaron Lee Johnson was the presenter and Renee Baldwin our sales rep.”

So, the couple were misled, and bamboozled with booze.  This technique of selling is unacceptable, and the fact that they were offered alcohol before signing, should really be considered as a sale under the influence, which in most cases could be deemed null and void, if there are other factors which the clients felt uncomfortable with.  Which was clearly the case!

There were then further issues with the online booking system when they tried to look at availability, the link just threw errors, which when they finally got the correct link, their email addresses were not recognised.  So it was as if they had not even been set up as a member.

The couple felt like they asked all the correct questions at the presentation, however, feel as though they were not answered to their full satisfaction.  They claim to have been

“confused with the presentation”.

They were also told that the Timeshare would go up in value as it was a real estate property in Las Vegas and that they would be able to write off the cost against tax, both are false statements.

The couple were already doubting their purchase when they received a letter from Wyndham requesting even more money for an extra points scheme.  The couple are very distraught with the whole situation, and have even tried to cancel the payment of the loan they took out with an associate company to finance the timeshare.  They have still not heard anything.

We at the TCA are once again advising that you should not feel pressured into purchasing something that you are not 100% sure about, also to seek advice if you are unsure from a third party, as in this couples case, they may be able to exit the timeshare and claim compensation for a mis-sale, but this all takes time, we are sure, time that they would much rather spend holidaying.

Posted on: April 18, 2018

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