Everyone loves a relaxing break where they can explore their surrounding areas, do the tourist stuff or just relax in their room with their loved ones.

Well, unfortunately, that was not in the latest tale of timeshare woe. A couple recently exchanged their timeshare and were staying at The Derby Tower in Las Vegas. It had been advertised as the ‘heart’ of Las Vegas. Which you could consider literally correct as it was about 4ft away from the Cosmopolitan Hotel/Casino. The couple checked into their room at The Derby Tower and everything seemed pretty good at first, shocking pillows, but reasonable bath towels. They were out visiting for most of the weekend so didn’t notice any problems. However, that all changed on Sunday night, early Monday morning, they were rudely awakened by an unbelievable amount of noise. The noise was literally non-stop and coming from behind a 6ft metal fence on the Bellagio property side.  The noise was of non-stop traffic throughout the day and night, including 18 wheeler trucks transporting containers which were then being slammed on to concrete making unimaginable banging noises that made it impossible to sleep.

There were also Cosmopolitan buses making ‘u’ turns in the Bellaggio large driveway, because of the way they moved as well there were the constant warning beeps as the vehicles were reversing, and shockingly this went on all night, night after night! What really pushes the boundaries is that on the night before their last night, the Bellagio trucks delivered and unloaded two massive grey porta-loo’s, right next to the fence in front of the couple’s room. Not quite the view they were expecting on their stay in Las Vegas.

After a little bit of investigation during the week also showed that there was a tunnel right next to their room, although the tunnel was marked as emergency vehicles only, this was sadly not the case. A barrage of limo’s and small passenger buses were constantly moving through the tunnel with their motors running to pick up and drop off at Cosmo, imagine the noise and vibration of the vehicles and people. On further investigation, it was noted that the limo’s and small buses were literally back to back through the tunnel every day. They were honking horns, noisy cars; it was a virtual nightmare (if they could have slept!)

The couple complained to the reception desk after another night of being woken up by the banging from across the road. The couple were told that a security guy would be sent to have a look and put a stop to the noise, however, the noise didn’t stop and no one ever came back to the couple. The couple has explicated stated that they would never stay at this particular venue again. What was supposed to be a relaxing, fun week, turned into a sleepless, noisy and unappealing week in a room with good towels and rubbish pillows? Definitely not the best time ever!



Posted on: December 1, 2017

For more information regarding this article or assistance in any other timeshare related issues please contact the TCA on 0203 519 3808 or email: info@TimeshareConsumerAssociation.org.uk

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