Monarch Airlines in the UK have confirmed they have gone into administration; they have been put into liquidation by Civil Aviation Authority in the UK. Monarch collapsed when the administrators stepped in, it is the biggest airline in the UK to cease trading.

It has been said that some of the issues in the airline have originated from terror fears, the poor activity on the pound and the ever-increasing rise in fuel costs.

On the 1st of October, a couple from the city of Leicester in the UK started their journey to Madeira. They left the house at 03.00 via taxi to get to the airport in time for their early morning flight. On arriving at the airport they found hundreds of people milling around with worried looks of confusion on their faces.

Marty and Ginny Hester were confused and anxious themselves when they saw the chaos at the airport. The gates were supposed to have been open for customers to check in and start the journey for their holiday, however, the gates were locked and an airport official was trying to explain to the groups of people what was happening. Unfortunately, the microphone she was supposed to use was not working and she had to go to each group and explain what had happened with Monarch and they were not going to be flying with the airline they had purchased their tickets with. The groups of people, including Marty and Hester were advised that everything was being done to get them on other flights but to try other desks as well.

The couple who had already paid Monarch over £400 for the flights for their two-week holiday were told when they got to the Jet2 counter that the flight prices were going up by the minute and they ended up having to pay another £610 for their flights. Marty and Hester have a timeshare in Madeira and were determined to get there no matter what the cost and passed their card to the attendant to re-book their flights, they waited in the airport for 8 hours for their new flight.

The couple claims not to have received any contact or prior notification from Monarch and were very nearly left in the lurch by Monarch and unable to enjoy their getaway to their timeshare apartment. Monarch tweeted at 04.20 that morning to advise that all flights were cancelled and the page would no longer be monitored.

Only a year ago, Monarch turned to the private equity firm Greybull for £165 million bail out and a year later are bust and leaving the Civil Aviation Authority to arrange for the holidaymakers already abroad to be brought home safely.

Regrettably, passengers who have booked their future holidays with Monarch are being advised not to go to the airport and will be looking at their agreements to see whether they are able to claim for a refund.

Customers are now looking for other flight providers to see whether they will be able to have their holiday’s this year. Luckily Marty and Hester got their new flight and will be enjoying their two-week timeshare stay.

Posted on: October 9, 2017

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