The upcoming RDO (Resort Development Organisation) conference in September has announced that one of their key speakers will be the incredibly talented Nigel Risner.  The conference is to take place in the Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa in Marbella, Spain with three days packed with guest speakers and social events there will be something to interest most.

Nigel has won awards around Europe for his motivational speeches including the PSAE (professional speaking award of excellence), he believes in bringing positive outcomes and results to not only the companies themselves, but with a focus on their staff and consumers in this fast changing environment.  It will be very interesting to hear his views on the changing legislations in timeshare and his propositions to overcome the pitfalls that many resorts are facing at the moment.

Changing technology and the change in the way we use of data (GDPR) in 2018 will bring many more changes, not only to the timeshare industry, but to all companies across Europe.  Perspective magazine stated in their article this week that Nigel

‘will share the difference between dealing with change and managing uncertainty and will encourage audience participation, in order to greatly increase interest and engagement.’

This could not come at a better time for the resorts which have been struggling through the last year with a lot of issues facing them.

The conference will be held over a period of three days, with the theme ‘Together Towards Tomorrow’ being at the forefront of every guest speakers’ topic.  How the industry can pull through these hard times and make an attractive future for timeshare owners future and current.  Anyone with an interest in timeshare is able to attend the conference.  A great place for networking, discovering future opportunities and joining in the debates over the three days.

The RDO is the trade association for vacation ownership across Europe, its members include many timeshare resorts and fractional clubs.  With a commitment to providing excellent service standards, they bring a code of conduct to their members, so the timeshare owner has confidence when buying into one of the member resorts.  In the past, the RDO has been accused of working more for the benefits of the resorts rather than the benefits of the owners, the future may see changes in this position.  The theme of the conference would certainly like to push for the attitude ‘Together Towards Tomorrow’.

The timeshare industry is ever changing but now more than ever, and we look forward to see what positive changes lie ahead for timeshare owners and the resorts.

Posted on: April 27, 2017

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