Since the Supreme Court Rulings in Madrid, the wins against null and void timeshare contracts just keep coming.  In the past week we have seen three wins for timeshare owners against their resorts in Spain.  There have been two cases won against Anfi Sales SL, the largest Timeshare Group in Gran Canaria due to contracts purchased in perpetuity (no fixed term – or longer than 50years), one of the contracts contained floating weeks which have also been deemed unlawful by the Supreme courts.  Therefore, both contracts have been written off as null and void.

These two cases have won the timeshare owners their original investment, legal fees and their interest back.  The now happy ex owners are about to receive sums of €32,413 and €23,201 respectively.  We are sure that they will be able to use this repayment for their holidays in the future without being tied into a property that they were finding difficult to use.

The third case was against Silverpoint SL, another large timeshare company in the Canaries.  This time on the island of Tenerife.  They have also been found guilty of null and void contracts due to perpetuity and floating weeks.  These cases have started a roll on affect across the board of timeshare resorts in Spain.  In this case, the client has managed to win back a whopping £21,000 as well as the legal costs and interest in the Arona Courts in Tenerife.

This is great news for all those owners that have not yet made a claim against their resort.  We would like to encourage timeshare owners to look at their contracts, and if purchased after 1999, with floating weeks or an indefinite timescale on the contract, you may well be one of these lucky owners that will be able to make a claim against your resort.

We would also like to warn against all of the new fraudulent legal companies popping up over Spain after the Supreme Court ruling, claiming to help timeshare owners.  A lot of these are rogue companies, and are out there to scam you again.  They will take an upfront fee, and then most never hear from them again.  However, there are have been several companies that have been very successful in claiming against the resorts.  The key is to do your research into which ones are bringing back results for their clients, and not to confide solely on what they tell you.

If you would like any further help to choose a company to help you, do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email to the contacts below.  We will do our best to point you in the right direction.

Posted on: April 26, 2017

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