Mylene contacted TCA to share her story and warn others.  The story is another one full of scamming, sorrow and scandalous actions taken by unscrupulous organisations and sales people.

Mylene was enticed to a resort for four days and three nights for a great price and all they would need to do was attend a timeshare presentation. This was the Summer Bay resort, her and her husband were promised that the presentation would last ninety minutes. The ninety-minute presentation turned into five hours, during this time the resort was exhibited to them.  Mylene was thrilled with the resort, which is, she freely admits, quite beautiful. The villa’s have separate kitchens, Jacuzzi’s and beautiful greenery.

Five hours later, Mylene was convinced by the sales person to buy into the timeshare. She was told that she would be able to get a free or virtually free holiday to the Dominican Republic if they purchased and also that she would be able to get two holidays a year if they were in the quiet season and one holiday a year if it was in the peak season with her timeshare purchase. Mylene was happy with this, but did feel as though she had been drowned in information during the presentation.

Mylene paid an upfront fee and then set up a payment arrangement for monthly payments of $208.87 for the timeshare and on top of this are the annual maintenance fees of $1000 (which will no doubt increase over the years)

This consumer has owned this timeshare for 2 years and has been unable to book a date in that period of time. There has been no availability. She has spoken to the call centre who have advised her to keep checking the availability on the website and when she does there is nothing there!  When she pushes to speak to someone higher in the call centre, there is never any availability.

She made a decision to go back to the resort to speak to a manager and (even though she owns timeshare there!) she had to book this through RCI (3rd party and a member of TATOC). Rather than letting her speak to a manager when she asked at the reception, she was advised she would need to sit in a timeshare presentation again! Another 5 hours of her life!!!

During this presentation, she was told that the timeshare she had purchased was rubbish! The company was now called Summer Bay Exploria and her contract was with RCI. Mylene explains that she knew nothing about this, she thought she had signed a contract with Summer Bay. She was then advised because it was linked with RCI, if she doesn’t book 14 months in advance they release the dates to the public.

Mylene’s question is why is she paying for something she cannot use, it is like buying a car and not being given they key. The epitome of ridiculous. Money has been taken out of her account, roughly $7000 in total so far, and still she is still unable to book. She believes that the contract should be voided as she has been lied to and they never had any intention of delivering on the contract.

She has been told that she will need to upgrade now because it has become Summer Bay Exploria and that this will cost her an extra…. $20,000. Incredible!

She had told them a straight and certain no!! (good on you!!) and will continue to fight against this organisation and the injustice they have placed upon her and her family.

A warning if you will.

Posted on: April 7, 2017

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