Mindtimeshare SL is a Spanish based company who claims to help owners whom have been scammed by rogue companies, or scammed out of their money through any other channels, timeshare related.  Spain has seen an increase in scamming companies since the Supreme court ruling in 2015, declaring points and weeks purchased with the intent of investment and contracts that have been purchased in perpetuity are null and void.

Mindtimeshare reports on any supposed newly found scam companies, predominantly those in Spain, however, also further afield when necessary.  They supply a lot of information on their website to their readers, and to timeshare owners in general as to which companies should be avoided.  This information is not always substantiated, however it is always good to have an insight and a source of information to start from, we at the TCA recommend that you don’t always rely on one source of information.

There have been many discrepancies through the years as to whether or not Mindtimeshare’s blog is bringing useful information or not to timeshare owners, or are they another in a long line of timeshare companies that have their associates all intertwined with other boards?  Their former director, the notorious Alberto Garcia, also formed part of the RDO enforcement program.  He has now since stepped down from both as of February 2016, and surprise, surprise the RDO are now reporting that they are dropping Mindtimeshare as a member.  RDO’s reason for this is that they want to concentrate on the

‘cooperation with law enforcement agencies investigating rogue businesses preying on timeshare owners’.

However, they did say when Alberto Garcia ‘stepped down’ in 2016 that their relationship with Mindtimeshare should be reviewed in 12 months time.

There have been many accusations that the website mindtimeshare.com and the RDO enforcement group, have been used to cajole clients into the way of thinking of these head figures of timeshare.  There have been further accusations that the clients were lured into purchasing products from their timeshare resorts or their products, or have been prevented from leaving specific timeshare contracts.  There have been many connections between the boards of directors and other timeshare resort owners.  Mark Cushway, director of Silverpoint SL, is on the enforcement board, and there were issues and allegations that were made back in 2011 that the RDO were not assisting with cases against Resort Properties / Silverpoint.  In fact, there were allegations made that the RDO were indeed assisting Resort Properties /Silverpoint and advising clients to withdraw claims against them.  The court case was dropped, but there was a lot of doubt left after the ceased litigation.

We at the TCA have reported on many occasions over the past few years about the connections between the RDO and other resorts, with their connections always being kept close to their chest, normally within their decision making processes.  Only time will tell to see what happens next, but the RDO for now have confirmed dropping the RDO as a member due to take place in April 2017.  We will be waiting to see the repercussions of this decision.

Posted on: February 21, 2017

For more information regarding this article or assistance in any other timeshare related issues please contact the TCA on 0203 519 3808 or email: info@TimeshareConsumerAssociation.org.uk

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