Silverpoint’s Palm Beach Club in Las Americas, Tenerife has received several bad reviews over the past months due to their hard sales pitches. The clients don’t even get a chance to get their bags to their rooms before the forceful sales representatives from Silverpoint timeshare resorts bombard them with their new product.

One client said

‘We have seen people crying in the hallways after being forced into buying keys or shares by the silverpoint scam with very aggressive sales pitch.’

The same client had problems with the arrogance of the reception staff when checking in. The client said that the staff treated them as if they had walked off of the street, as they could not find their reservation. They were made to leave the reception area until they could find the confirmation email. They finally found the confirmation after managing to access the internet for their emails whilst sitting in their car in the car park of the hotel.

Some guests are stopped before they get to their rooms to invite them to a presentation, where Silverpoint present their new product, and use forceful sales tactics to complete the sales with their clients. Others get to their rooms, thinking that they have missed the sales representatives, however, it is not that easy, they even come to the door and disturb your holiday time trying to get you to the presentation.

As we have said many times before, timeshare properties really work for some people, and can be a great buy, but when it comes to forceful selling and clients crying in hotel corridors, ruining the holiday that they have paid for, seems unfair. One would think that TATOC members such as Silverpoint would be more vigilant as to how they are selling their products. The fact that they are forcing them on the holiday makers that are staying, and paying full price in their hotels almost show signs of desperation.

Further to the complaints that Palm Beach has for their sales techniques; there are also issues with the state of the accommodation. The last reviews on tripadvisor have mentioned several times that the location of the hotel is fantastic, but the rooms are now becoming very tired and are in need of refurbishment. Surely, if Silverpoint are trying to sell their timeshare products, presumably some of the sales are for Palm Beach itself, one would think that they would keep the accommodation up to an excellent standard to entice their customers.

The TCA recommend that you look into the accommodation that you plan to stay at on your holiday; there are now many websites that review hotels independently. If you want to avoid being bombarded by sales representatives, we would advise not staying in a timeshare hotel. Check out the reviews before you travel and be prepared. Our contact details are below if you would like to share your experience of the Palm Beach with us.




Posted on: December 22, 2016

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