Yet again the Supreme Courts across Spain are successfully pursuing timeshare resorts for mis-selling timeshare products.   We at TCA are happy to announce that such claims are being successfully executed.

The courts are forcing these resorts to pay substantial damages to timeshare consumers, leaving resorts such as, MacDonald’s Resorts, Club La Costa, Diamond Resorts, Anfi Del Mar and Silverpoint miffed and out of pocket!

In recent months, the timeshare industry has lost all nine Supreme Court rulings. Krona alone, were ordered to pay a consumer compensation damages totaling more than £165,000.   Many resorts are suffering and we are happy to announce that the cases just keep coming, therefore proving that justice for the consumers is finally on the up.

You, the consumer, should also be aware that taking deposits in Spain within the first 3 months is unlawful, as are the words; property, ownership or own, if these words appear within the contract then the contract is classed as voidable.   Floating weeks are also unlawful and Perpetuity is widely known as illegal.

There are more consumers across Spain & Europe who no longer want the timeshare or believe to have been mis-sold, they have a legal right to exit and claim compensation.

Consumers are entitled to claim all monies back if anything was paid within the first 3 months, the amount to be paid back would be doubled, other costs the consumer can also reclaim, include maintenance fees, interest on loans plus all claim costs.  We at TCA strongly recommend you pursue your claim and seek legal advice immediately in-order to terminate your contract with immediate effect.

Acquiring a timeshare gives the consumer the right to occupy an apartment for a certain period within a particular resort.   However, due to contracts not being in accordance with the law, contracts are now being voided via the Supreme Courts.

The timescale in which contracts are annulled via the Supreme Courts is on average 18 months of engaging with a legal representative.  The timescale is lengthy due to the contracts being in perpetuity, without a time limit and have been considered erroneous. The duration of a timeshare contract is now to be between 3 and 50 years, not forever and categorically not over 50 years, this Law has been implemented by Spain Law.

Having read of such victorious cases been brought against timeshare resorts, it is proof that you the consumer should pursue your case and join in the ever-growing success rate of bringing these timeshare resorts into the spot light.

Posted on: December 8, 2016

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