Following on from our news on floating weeks last week, and court cases that have been won by clients that have been mis-sold by their timeshare resorts, we have three more cases to report about, which have been won by happy, now, non-timeshare owners.

RDO and TATOC member, Anfi Sales SL has been back in court this week and is facing another loss.  Their clients purchased in perpetuity, this means that their original contract contained floating weeks or was longer than 50 years of term.  The case was heard in the supreme court of Gran Canaria, and deemed that their contract was null and void.  The clients walked away with the sum of €19,000 as well as their legal interest and costs.  Other news on Anfi Resorts can be read here.

Silverpoint (Resort Properties), also RDO and TATOC members, have also been in muddy water this week in respect of another British couple having purchased their contract that exceeded a period of 50 years.  This has now been deemed illegal by the Supreme Court in Madrid, all contracts that have a term which is longer than 50 years are null and void.  These particular clients have won £17,476 in compensation after the case was heard in the Tenerife High Court.  The clients have also relinquished their timeshare, and they have received legal costs and interest.  The clients are happy to be relieved of their maintenance and the timeshare that they were finding difficult to use.  You can read about the other Silverpoint win here.

Palm Oasis, another Gran Canarian resort, under Tasolan SL, is the third case this week in the Canary Islands to be won by unhappy timeshare owners.  Again, this contract was purchased in perpetuity, with floating weeks.  The resort was made to pay a total of €24,597 to their clients, whom never found availability to use their weeks when they wanted to.  The resort also had to pay the legal fees and interests.  The last case against this resort was only 2 weeks ago, one would think there will be many more to follow, you are able to read about the last case here.

These three sets of clients are all looking forward to having more freedom in their holidays from now on.  When they try to reserve the holiday of their dreams they won’t be restricted to the availability that their specific resort has to offer.  They are also maintenance free, and have a sum of money that they could put towards their next adventure.  If you think that you have been subject to a mis-sold contract, please do get in touch with us on the number or email address below.  We will point you in the right direction to a company that will be able to assist in your claim.

Posted on: November 15, 2016

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