The RCI Rut will commence in or about May 2016 RCI Action Group

Litigation Management and its crew are suffering every increasing numbers of timeshare exchange consumers who have a desire to join the RCI group action.

The consumer numbers have now swelled to over 13,000!          “Thirteen Thousand”

A variety of test claims should now be on course to be heard in or about May 2016 and by the UK courts. Those claims will be pleaded and adjudicated upon then applied down to the each and every other member who is registered in the RCI Action Group. No doubt any pre-trial settlement will be concluded under strict confidentiality and if consumers have not registered, they may find themself missing-out on any compensation which might flow from meritorious conclusion.

As the entire matter is being run on a Litigation Funding Agreement, consumers who do register are at no risk of any adverse costs.

The claim is all encompassing one, however the main thrust is that, the consumers allege RCI have been “skimming” weeks. This practise-if proved- it will rock the very foundations of timeshare as reducing stock disproportionately will create a short fall in the availability of expected holiday accommodation. The lack of inventory will have consequences in that some will not obtain holidays they expected and despite paying fees/maintenance charges.

The curse of this case is a huge toll for RCI. They profusely deny these “consumers driven” allegations and are rigorously defending the matter. No quarter appears to be given by either party and if this case slams into the courts, it might be one of the first oppertunaties the UK judiciary has had to examine “timeshare exchange contracts”.

This is a “No Win No Fee” action and registration is free.

If you have not suffered a lack of holidays when being a member of RCI you should not join this group.

Posted on: December 23, 2015

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